Welcome to the Athera Community


Welcome to the Athera community! This is a place for discussing Athera, a platform for building a visual effects studio in the cloud. Please visit https://www.athera.io/ for more information about Athera.

The Athera team actively monitors this community, and as such it’s a great place to interact with us. We’ll also be holding polls and surveys, so please be an active participant in those!

The Athera community uses Discourse, a discussion platform where each post is organized using categories. You can post using the following categories:

  • General Discussion
    Open discussion about anything at all related to Athera or VFX production in the cloud.

  • Answer my Question
    Ask questions about Athera where a fellow community member or someone from the Athera team will be able to answer.

  • Pricing Discussion
    Discussion and questions specifically about Athera’s pricing.

  • Feature Discussion
    Discussion or questions about Athera’s features. Please make specific feature requests through our support portal (https://support.athera.io/) in order for them to be considered for development.

  • App Request
    Requests for additional apps and tools that you would like to see on Athera.

  • Cloud Business
    Discuss use of cloud in VFX production, including competitors to Athera.

For feature suggestions or bug reports, please access the Athera Support Portal at https://support.athera.io/. You can also consult Athera’s online documentation at https://docs.athera.io/.