Welcome back Modo - Now in beta


I am excited to announce that after long last and much public demand, Modo 12.1v2 is now available on Athera.

This is a ‘beta-for-Athera’ release, meaning we’re still ironing out some kinks with the app, but give it a go and let us know how you get on here or via support.

One such kink is an odd dialog when the app opens, which seems harmless enough and can be closed without concern.


We’re talking to the Modo team about tidying this up.

Modo Compute

We’ve had lots of interest in using Athera’s compute service to render modo jobs. The service is highly prototypical but somewhat functional. At this stage we’d welcome feedback, particularly on the submission process.

The prototype submission panel can be found under the panel menus > Application > Custom Views > Athera Compute. Once complete, we’ll integrate this as a native menu item.

What else would you need to see from the Compute submission panel?

  • View selector?
  • Channel selector?
  • Pass selector?

Ordinarily, users won’t have any Entitlement to use the new ‘Modo - Compute’ resource, but if you’re interested in giving it a try, leave a message or contact support and we’ll give you some free time during this short test phase. I’ll contact those users who have already expressed an interest directly.

Many thanks


Can Modo be used for Rendering?