User how-tos for Athera


Great to see an Athera user producing helpful how-to videos for Athera.


Great work, Cyril!


Whoa. Thank ou. That’s a pleasure to work and explain Athera. I tried to show all possibilities from the system. My next step will be on :

  • Add members and Team management
  • Compute
  • Add gizmo for team or project

for the compute, I’m limited to the rendering only but that’s a good start :slight_smile:


Prochaine excursion dans le monde d’athera : Contexte et équipe.

Next ride on Athera : Context and Team

French and English subtitles availables


Dernier voyage sur la planète Athera : Compute node et render Farm

Last review about Athera : Compute Node and RenderFarm

fr and eng subtitles


If you haven’t checked out Cyril’s videos about Athera yet, they’re really worth a look! Good work, Cyril!