Unable to run Houdini 17 through orbit client



Im using a windows 10 machine. I have followed the instructions and the client is running locally and i have set orbit in the sessions tab as instructed.

i open a session in from the session tab, it displays the houdini splash screen for a moment then i just get the athera splash screen in the orbit client, nothing more happens.



Hi Lou,

I’m in contact with your colleague Shahid about this matter.
Will update as soon as we get the issue identified.



Hi Anais,

How are you doing today?

I followed your advice and tried to setup more buckets for incoming data, out going data and jobs.

I followed the instructions to setup GCS storage but im having problems connecting storage.

Every time i try to connect the new bucket i get the error message " something has gone wrong, please try again later".

Im pretty sure im doing it right.



Hi Lou,

I’m very well, thanks :slight_smile: How are you?

You can find some information about connecting your GCS in our documentation: http://docs.athera.io/Content/user_guide/storage/connect_gcs.html

There could be different reasons for the error you are having. One possibility is that the ‘storage mount name’ you are typing for this second bucket, is already being used by another bucket of yours (you can’t have 2 buckets on the exact same path).

I will drop you an email, so I can get more info about your GCS, name of the bucket, location of the bucket, etc…