Size of instance?

Where are the specs for the instance that is being used for Athera (and the specs for the Power configuration)?

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First, it’s important to note:
The exact specs will change from time to time as new options, such as more powerful GPUs, become available within Google Cloud Platform. Also, the price/power point of cloud compute is briskly improving over time.

At the moment, the standard instance type is an 8 core 30 GB RAM 1x GPU config, and the power option is a 16 core 104 GB RAM 2x GPU machine.

Plans for more control and flexibility is on our roadmap.

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Great response. Thank you!

Can you expand your info on the instance type to include the processor currently in use? Ver of the processor? Are the cores used hyper-threaded or full cores? Can you discuss what is the roadmap for the future. As the core configuration changes how will the price of the workstation change?

Hi Greg. Athera has since evolved and we now offer a selection of specific Machine Profiles. Info Machine Profiles specs and pricing is available in the section at the bottom of this page:

More detailed info about Google Compute Engine’s underlying machine types is available here: Athera uses n1-standard-8 + 1 K80 GPU for the Standard machine profile and n1-highmem-16 + 2x K80 GPUs for the Power machine profile.

Our roadmap for additional machine types is pending feedback from early users. If you have a project that you want to try on Athera, then sign up for a proof of concept with us at Doing so offers an elevated level of direct support from the product team!