Release of Athera API: 2018-10-20


Hello Atherians,

Its been a few weeks now since we rolled out the new Unbundled model of app purchase and configuration. I hope you’re enjoying the new flexibility it provides. The team are still super busy on some great new features and today I am proud to announce the beta release of the hotly-anticipated Athera API.

The Athera API allows programmatic access to large parts of the system: groups, storage, sessions and compute via a HTTP Rest API. It’s designed to allowed developers to build Athera functionality into their own pipelines and systems. For example, you could attach a bucket, kick off and monitor a compute job writing to the bucket, then detach it, all without logging into the Athera Dashboard once.

The API will continue to expand, so we welcome your suggestions for improvements.

Full documentation can be found here.

We’ve also built a python wrapper to simplify integration. It’s called athera-python, strangely enough, and is open-sourced on GitHub.

Coming soon, we’ll provide a sibling API allowing high-performance file-transfer over gRPC, to let you upload/download files programmatically.

We’ll also be providing some example projects showing how the Athera API and FileSync API work together.

As always, if you have any issues please log a ticket at our Support Portal.



The first few examples of using the Athera API via athera-python can be found here:

More to follow.