Orbit 3.3.0-beta released


Hello Atherians,


Orbit 3.3.0 is in beta. Following the introduction of file sync capability, v3.3.0 provides the ability to customise the local and remote sync locations, making the tool far more useful. This version comes with certain limitations which will be addressed in due course:

  • Only Org storage can be used as the remote root (but you can browse into subfolders).
  • Empty folders are not transferred.
  • Large transfers can slow down your machine.
  • Quitting Orbit does not cancel on-going transfers. Orbit’s back-end process continues to run and transfer files after Orbit is quit.

THIS IS A BETA BUILD - You may find errors and bugs. Please do not use in production.

Orbit 3.2.1-beta and 3.3.0-beta both include an upstream fix in TurboVNC. See here:

Fixed an issue in the Linux/Un*x TurboVNC Viewer whereby, if multiple buttons on an extended input device (such as a drawing tablet) were pressed or released in rapid succession, some of those button events could accidentally be discarded by the TurboVNC Helper under certain circumstances, leading to a loss of synchronization between the client’s and the TurboVNC session’s extended input device button state. From the point of view of applications running in the TurboVNC session, the extended input device buttons appeared to stick in the down or up position.

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