Orbit 3.1.0 Released


Hello Atherians!

A new version of the Orbit desktop agent has been released. Please visit the download site to get it.

Version 3.1.0 features a completely overhauled authentication flow which we hope will prove much more stable.

If you experience any problems, let us know via support@athera.io

Previous versions are still available.

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Hi Simon,

The webinar was stopped abruptly. I’ve skimmed through the documentation and pyorbit.py, now I seem to understand how it works. Athera uses HTTP RESTful JSON API, OAuth2 authentication and a generated JWT token in request headers, as I understand it. Yet Orbit runs an HTTP server locally and has its own JSON API.

P.S. As for authentication, I had an experience with both, we were using plain JWT tokens in GET requests and passed it as an encrypted get-parameter and in another project we used OAuth for a Russian universal authentication system alongside with regular social networks. I had to write a backend manually because there were no third-party solutions for that system. So I understand that some may find it confusing if they decide to write an in-house GUI utility on top of Athera API.

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