Newer Houdini 16.5 Production Build


Hello everyone,
Any chance of getting an updated build of Houdini?
16.5.405 is getting old. The latest production builds as of 2018-06-07 are:



Hi Mats,

Thanks for the suggestion. I think you might have psychic powers. We are doing a small app update right now. Updated versions will be:

Nuke 11.1v2 -> 11.1v3
Houdini 16.5.405 -> 16.5.496
Gaffer ->

This should be public by the end of the day.


Nice, I will test later today.
Cheers, Mats


Hi Mats,

The new app versions are ready and have passed testing in our development instance of Athera. However, due to an abundance of caution, we won’t proceed with releasing these on a Friday afternoon.

They will be added first thing on Monday.

Many thanks for your patience.


Too bad. Oh well. I will have to setup things locally and run the simulation on Monday the 11th.


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I can’t see Houdini 16.5.496 yet, Nuke 11.1v3 is up but not Houdini 16.5.496.



Check again :slight_smile:


Here’s the announcement: