More new features: 2018-06-12


2018-06-12 Release

Hello fellow Atherians,

Yesterday we rolled out a small update with some helpful UI improvements.

Firstly, our new dashboard page can be found here or by clicking the Athera logo on the platform interface:

The dashboard provides useful likes to the Athera community and also a summary of the system status which refreshes every minute. Use the ‘Visit Page’ in the System Status panel to learn more and subscribe to changes in the service health.

We’ll be adding new insights to the dashboard page in the next few months.

Entitlement Visibility
Based on your feedback, we’ve made it more clear which Apps you currently have an Entitlement to use. In the Apps page, Apps without an Entitlement are now greyed out. This really helps users understand which apps they can use.

Please do let us know your thoughts and suggestions. Any problems, ping our fantastic support team.