Major Release: 2018-09-20


Hi all,

In addition to the major features described by @mathieu.mazerolle here …

… the major release deployed to production has some significant improvements and bug fixes.

Full release notes are available here, but to summarize:

  • Atlas Indexing of external storage (GCS, Dropbox) is now performed in each region. This has meant significantly better indexing of storage in the US-West region
  • Atlas read performance has been improved, especially when reading lots of small files. In some cases, our tests have shown a 12x read speed improvement.
  • Compute parts which fail due to a system error (eg, the machine being pre-empted) are now retried up to 3 times.
  • Relative paths can now be using in Compute jobs.
  • Modo is now supported in Compute
  • Foundry apps have received a version bump

See the release notes for full details.