Local drive space


How much local drive space is provided with the various plans? I don’t see that listed anywhere. Does the storage space carry over session to session or would I have to reload all the footage for a project from cloud storage every session?


Hi Kyle,

Storage in Athera works a bit differently. The idea is that Athera should never hold any data that belongs to you. Instead, Athera works on a model where you connect your own storage and mount it like a USB stick. We support connecting a Dropbox, Google Drive, or S3 bucket, but highly recommend using a Google Cloud Storage bucket for best performance.

Our documentation has lots more detail about this: https://docs.athera.io/Content/getting_started/storage/configuring_storage.html

Importantly, you can disconnect your storage at any time, and because Athera is context sensitive, your storage is isolated between Projects and consistent between Sessions.

Hope this helps!


Right - I think I meant more a local cache area, and if that cache was persistent so I wouldn’t have to localize all my projects files every time I launch a project I have previously worked on?

Or perhaps seeing as how Athera is already hosted on the Google cloud platform, If I get Google cloud storage is the performance such that it’s almost like having local storage?


Great question! One of the awesome things about Athera is that we make your attached cloud storage go fast, no matter where it comes from.

Athera has a system called Atlas which handles all file requests within your Session. When a file is requested by an app, Atlas first checks if it has a copy of it. If not, it’s pulled from Cloud storage and copied into Atlas. Once stored in Atlas, all subsequent requests for the file are very fast (close to the speed of attached storage).

The cool part about Atlas is that once it stores a file, it’s available at high speed to all of your collaborators in that same geographical region, and it’s persistent between everyone’s Sessions. So Atlas is turbo-charged, shared, and transparent.

The size of the Atlas cache is currently fixed (we’re still tweaking it based on feedback), and is also free. Later, we plan on allowing more control over Atlas. Specifically, we plan to allow you specify folders which should always or never be cached, and most importantly to resize your Atlas cache. Our plans are to offer a basic amount of Atlas cache for free, and to make more cache available in a highly elastic and usage-following manner.