IMPORTANT! Changes to Dropbox access



Following feedback from users, we’ve applied additional restrictions to use of Dropbox with Athera. Previously, any user could attach a Dropbox as a source of storage. Now, Athera requires the Dropbox role to be assigned before Dropbox is visible from Sessions launched within an Org.

Unlike GCS and S3 storage, which are associated with a specific Group and only available to Sessions launched in the context of that Group of one or its children, Dropbox provides storage across an entire user account. The contexts of your Dropbox remain the same, regardless of the Context that you launched your Session from. This allowed users to copy files into Dropbox from one Athera project, and copy them out into another. We have changed Dropbox so that Org Admins can restrict access and prevent users from accessing their Dropbox for projects containing sensitive data.

Access to Dropbox must now be granted by to users by assigning them the Dropbox Role in the Role Management panel. Here’s how:

This applies even if you’re already the Org Admin: You will need to assign yourself the Dropbox role (in addition to your existing Admin role) in order to gain access to your Dropbox.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions here, or via our support portal (