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Hi! so the difference between the interactive and compute apps is the price one is monthly and other is per hour is that right ??? and can i run the same app on different machine example i want to run a houdini simulation on cpu machine and render it on pcpu one.thanks

The Interactive apps are Nuke, Houdini, Blender, etc.
We don’t offer Interactive apps per hour.
The Compute apps refer to Render and Simulation time.

So if you are using Nuke, you will be using an Interactive app, but if you do a Nuke render job on the cloud, you will be using Compute time.
You could indeed use CPU for a simulation and PCPU for a render.

Thanks Anais for your replay ! excuse me but how does the compute apps works if i have my own Houdini file and i want to render it in athera should i buy the Interactive apps first ?? sorry but the documentations are not that helpful .thanks again :slight_smile:

Compute apps are similar to Render Farm jobs.
If you want to to use Houdini within Athera, then you would need a license or an Interactive Houdini Entitlement, but you don’t need a Compute entitlement to do a render in the interactive Houdini session.

If you want to use the Compute apps (send renders like in a render farm), you will need a Compute entitlement too.

Interactive is the equivalent to the Desktop apps
Compute is the equivalent to Render Farm jobs (and simulations).

You have a bit more info here:

Let me know if you still got some questions :slight_smile:

I want to use the compute apps like render farm so how to do it ??

You will need to have an Athera account; you can send us some more details about your project here:

ok Thank you so much for your time and help Anais . :smile:

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What is your availability for 2-3 full seats for Houdini FX with render support?



Hello Sebastian ,

This is my email you can send me more information.