Athera Sync API now available


Following hot on the heels of the December release, we’ve extended the Athera API with a Sync API. This allows you to perform data transfers between local storage and Athera storage programmatically.

The Athera Sync API differs from the main API in that it uses gRPC instead of RESTful HTTP. We’ve found this to be a much more performant solution.

To use gRPC you need the types and services in your chosen language. We currently provide python bindings but if you’d like to use a different language, let us know. These bindings are found in our athera-python repository.

Of course, we’d never leave you to learn this on your own. To assist you we have:

  • A Python gRPC client, which encapsulates all the available transfer functionality.
  • An example showing how to use this client to copy a folder to Athera.
  • A suite of tests which make great reference for different operations.

We believe the API is beginning to offer really compelling functionality. You could:

  • Look up a group
  • Connect an external GCS bucket
  • Push files to Athera, to be copied into the bucket
  • Launch a compute job, writing out to the bucket
  • Monitor the job for completion
  • Download the output
  • Detach the bucket

We hope you find it useful.